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    Anil Nair
    AP Invoice Account Coding in Error
    Topic posted December 4, 2018 by Anil NairRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited February 6, 2019, tagged Financials, Fusion, Payables 
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    AP Invoice Account Coding in Error
    AP Invoice Account Coding in Error

    We have invoices where the following statuses are shown.

    • Validation Status - Validated
    • Account Coding - Error
    • Accounting - Accounted
    • Paid

    The invoice has the distribution account still the coding status is Error.Has anyone seen a similar issue in AP?

    How can we identify the issue with the account coding? All the processes are scheduled as background processes.



    • Felix Beaudoin

      Hi Anil!
      There can be multiple reasons to this accounting issue.
      The balancing segment itself may not be assigned to the ledger which could cause this issue.
      Are the invoices being pushed through an interface? If so, is dynamic insertion enabled? Because if it is not and this string is not part of the valid values, such an accounting error would occur.
      Is it an FX invoice compared to ledger? Say CAD to USD? If so, you must ensure that a valid FX rate is provided, if not, accounting errors like this will occur.
      Would you be able to provide screenshots to help the resolution process?

    • Subhash Valiveti

      Hi Anil,

      Please review the Create Accounting Execution Report for details. There will be details printed out for the reasons for Account Coding error. As Felix has mentioned, there can be multiple reasons for this error. If the details of the report is shared, it will be helpful.