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    Luke Baker
    RSS Feed for Oracle Readiness Documentations
    Topic posted August 29, 2019 by Luke Baker, tagged Help Center, Tip, Update 
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    RSS Feed for Oracle Readiness Documentations
    Does anyone know an RSS Feed so we can get automatic updates on when the Readiness Documentation is upload to Oracle

    Hi All,


    Currently we have a reminder in our calendars to keep checking the Oracle readiness Website to see when the documents are uploaded for the next upgrades.


    Does anyone know if there is an RSS Feed that we can add to a group Microsoft Teams chat that will alert us when new documentation is added to the readiness site?


    Thanks in Advance



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    • Maria Centeno

      All Customer Connect subscribers should receive a monthly advisory email with the Readiness Material for Monthly Maintenance and Quarterly Updates for all product pillars:

      • What's New
      • New Feature Summaries
      • Spotlights
      • Release Training
      • Maintenance Packs and Known Issues
      • Product Documentation

      The same details are also posted in the Announcements Forum of Customer Connect.

      We are considering other channels, including RSS feeds and subscription to updates on the Readiness pages, but not available yet.