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    Tim Gaumont
    EPM Integration Agent and Financials Cloud Integration
    Topic posted August 26, 2019 by Tim GaumontSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited September 6, 2019 
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    EPM Integration Agent and Financials Cloud Integration
    Tune in to learn about new options for integration across Oracle and Non-Oracle applications!


    Mike Casey
    Date and Time:
    August 28, 2019 10:00am - 11:00am Pacific Time
    Meeting Location:

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    This discussion will provide an overview of the Enterprise Performance Management Integration Agent & Financials Cloud adapter, and the benefits they will provide to your organization.


    With the Enterprise Performance Management Integration Agent, and the Financials Cloud adapter, users will have a complete set of tools to integrate data from any on-premises source, in addition to connectivity with the Oracle ERP cloud.  This discussion will provide an overview of these two new features, and the benefits they will provide to your organization.

    Presented by Mike Casey, Director, Product Management, Oracle Financials Cloud.

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    Mike Casey
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    • Bert Dotinga

      Hi Mike,

      is the replay already available?



      • Al Marciante

        Yes, as always, Customer connect replays are always posted to the event invite (above) within 48 hours.  You can find it above  under the section: "Webcast Link:

        See the replay here" which will link you back to the original event notice with the replay link and slides download.


    • Arvind Moorthy

      Hi All,

      Can EPM Integration Agent be used to Run SQLs on Oracle DBCS instances?  We want to load data from DBCS to FCCS. Will EPM Integration agent help here?




      • Thejas Shetty

        Theoretically, it should be possible if the server machine where EPM agent is installed has JDBC(TCP) access to the DBCS Database.

        Can you connect to the DBCS instance from SQL developer using a JDBC URL?

        If Yes, you will then just specify the JDBC URL in the agent "Data Source" application definition & it will treat the DBCS, as if it was an on-premise Oracle database.

    • Arvind Moorthy

      One more question.

      Is there any limitation on the Size of data and the no. of connections the EPM Integration agent can handle?  

    • Tim Gaumont
      The agent provides events that you can use for custom code that can be used to call the DBCS, get a file, and then provide that file for the agent to push up to the cloud.  We are working on a feature to support an api call directly from data management so that you will be able to call the DBCS api directly from Data Management.  This is a future feature, so there isn't a planned release date at this time.  (Safe harbor applies)
    • Ravi Bhat K

      Is EPM Integration Agent available to download?

      • Tim Gaumont

        Starting with 19.10, yes it will be available to download from the Data Exchange card in Financial Consolidation & Close (FCCS).  You can use that same agent with Account Reconciliation (ARCS).  In a future release we plan to add the same Data Integration card in Account Reconciliation so you'll be able to download from there as well.  However as mentioned since it's the same agent either way, you can download it from Financial Consolidation & Close for now.

    • Ravi Bhat K

      thanks Tim. We got 19.10.55 upgrade for FCCS non-prod and i am unable to locate the EPM Integration Agent. Am I missing something? I looked in tool section under Data Management and also main download page.


      Please advise.




      • Wayne Paffhausen


        Per the documentation it is located under Application -> Data Exchange -> Action Dropdown -> Downloads

        Thank you,

    • Navan Mehra

      I remember reading a note about the EPM Integration Agent where it says drill through to source will be possible even if drill through URL is not available. Can someone please provide more details and examples where this is possible and how?

      • Prithiba D

        Hello- Did you get this question answered? I was looking out for the same info...I want to know if anybody was successful and insights on their experience.