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    Anil Nair
    How to create UNSPSC reports
    Topic posted February 5, 2019 by Anil NairBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged BI Publisher Reports, Business Intelligence, FAQ, Fusion, How-To, Manage Procurement Catalog, Orders, Setup, White Paper 
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    How to create UNSPSC reports
    How to create UNSPSC reports

    We have client requirement to setup the UNSPSC codes structure along with the commodity (category) codes in Oracle Procurement.

    The procurement category hierarchy ( hierarchy levels) along with functional area catalog (categories) in Oracle fusion will partially meet this requirement but there is no field for UNSPSC codes.

    - Which field can be used for the UNSPSC codes?

    - How can I build a report using the procurement hierarchy levels and categories assigned to each level?

    - Is it possible to develop a report on level 1 and report spend on categories under level 1? Aggregated report based on the top category level.

    - Is it possible to drill down from level 1 to level 3 to analyse spend at each UNSPSC level.

    UNSPSC example is given below. 

    Level 1   - Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications (43000000)

    Level 2   - Software (43230000)

    Level 3 - Finance accounting and enterprise resource planning ERP software (43231600)

           Level 4 (category) - Financial analysis software (43231604)





    • Niamath Jeddy


      In order to build the report, you can leverage the out of the box subject area : 'Procurement - Purchasing Real TIme'

      Dimensions based on the category hierarchy are available to drag and drop and create a report on.

      Please refer attached snap.



      • Anil Nair

        Thanks Niamath.

        Do you have any recommendation on what specific data will be required to extract the total spend (such Open PO only, Contract Value and PO data, etc) for each category hierarchy code?