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    Moon Ray Lo
    Runtime Fault/Exception Handling in OIC (Oracle SOA...
    Topic posted September 17, 2018 by Moon Ray LoSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Adapters, Agent, Cloud, Connection, Database, Integration, Mapping, PaaS, REST, SOAP, Web Services 
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    Runtime Fault/Exception Handling in OIC (Oracle SOA Fault Policy Functionality?)
    Is Oracle SOA Fault Policy Functionality also present in OIC? Especially handling runtime fault on server side

    Hello OIC Gurus, 

    Oracle SOA has this Fault Policy Functionality, controlling actions as faults arise, especially recoverable errors (re-try instances). May I know if this feature is also available in OIC? (both user-managed and autonomous OIC). If none, I know leveraging the OIC REST API (retrieve and resubmit error instances) is a feasible option, but do we have another workaround at the moment to attain this functionality? (like raising Cloud Support request for fault-policy configuration?)

    Appreciate all your inputs on this.




    • Kishore Gollapalli


      Fault Policy like SOA is not available in OIC.

      • Moon Ray Lo

        Thanks for the response, Kishore.

        Do you think OIC will adapt this feature in the future for user-managed environment?




    • Antony Reynolds

      Currently there is no direct equivalent to the fault policy in Integration Cloud, however you can attach scope or integration fault handlers on a per integration basis which provides you with the same result albeit on a per integration basis.

      As you point out for async processes there is a resubmit capability.

      Functionally user managed and autonomous are the same.  We are reviewing ways to have a similar capability to fault policies in a future release of OIC and when we are able to provide that we will make an announcement.