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    David Soto
    Proactive ChatAnswered
    Topic posted July 22, 2015 by David SotoBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Proactive Chat


    We are implementing ORN, we have the Chat license and it's working in the standard way (customer clicks the "chat" link and the chat_launch page is prompted) . We want to make the Chat Proactive, EG: If a person is navigating the Portal for 3minutes now, the Chat will be automatically prompted as a suggestion to start a chat conversation with one agent.

    We heard that it is possible, not only to work inside the Customer Portal, but even outside, in the entire Webpage  (CP is only the "customer service" part of the webpage).

    Could you please help me with any documentation/procedures of how to do that Proactive Chat? Does it demands a lot of customization? (Within the same CP or outside). If you have been experienced with this kind of customization, any ideas/input is welcome.


    Thanks a lot



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    Anurag Mittal


    Separate standard widgets are available for customer portal and external site. Its simple and comes with some predefined trigger rules like trigger after 3 minutes (your case).

    For customer portal widget is avaiable at  \cp\core\widgets\standard\chat\ProactiveChat folder

    For External Site open this link by giving your site name https://<site name>/ci/tags/syndicated_widgets/standard/ProactiveChat

    Loot at below article and doc that will let you start

    1> Customer Portal: Proactive Chat triggers and definitions

    2>Customer Portal: Proactive Chat

    3>Offering customers a chat session