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    Rajib Rath
    Q: Supplier Web Service - Is there a way to upsert and/or...
    Topic posted January 12, 2018 by Rajib RathRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Supplier Creation, Supplier Profile Management, Web Services 
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    Q: Supplier Web Service - Is there a way to upsert and/or query supplier information using web service?
    Need ability to upsert and/or query supplier information using web service

    In R13, Inbound Supplier Web Service has been introduced with the following two operations:

    Customer is already live of R12 and has a need to synchronize supplier information from their on-premise supplier master / hub to Cloud on a near real-time basis. They have already imported their existing suppliers into cloud as a part of their initial go-live but would like to leverage the inbound supplier web service for near real-time synchronization of supplier information between their supplier master / hub and cloud. They currently have no way of identifying in their on-premise supplier master / hub if a specific supplier (and it related information) has already been created in cloud or not. Thus they are not able to decide if for the inbound supplier web service the "create" operation should be invoked to create a new supplier in cloud or the "update" information should be invoked to update an existing supplier in the cloud. 


    • Do either the create or update operations of the inbound supplier web service support "upsert" operation? This operation will allow them to invoke the web service and create the relevant supplier information if the supplier information does not exist or update the supplier information if matching records are found.
    • If "upsert" operation is not supported, is there a web service / operation that can be invoked to  "get" supplier information from cloud? Such a capability will allow them to query the supplier and then decide if  "create" or "update" operation should be invoked based on the non-existence or existence of the supplier record in the cloud.

    Thanks in advance for your help.






    • Piyush Singh

      Hi Rajib,

      As you mentioned, the Supplier Inbound Web Service is available from release 13 only. Earlier to release 13, we do not have mechanism to do a real time sync of external application with our Cloud application. 

      For actions supported, we have only Create and Update actions, you can refer to sample payload. Once you start using Supplier Inbound Web Service you should have your external application and Oracle Cloud synced after which create action or update action in external application will create or update corresponding supplier in Cloud.

      Also, we have well defined messages to help debug in case integration errors.

      Hope this clarifies, please let me know if you need further clarification.



      • Rajib Rath

        Hi Piyush,

        Thanks for the detailed response.

        Please let me know if my understanding of your response is correct:

        • First supplier records in cloud need to be synced with the external application. Thus the external application or the integration needs to be aware of the corresponding identifying information for the supplier in the cloud. 
        • Once the supplier information in the cloud has been synced with the external supplier master application, all create and update actions in the on-premise supplier master application can then invoke the corresponding create action or update action of the inbound supplier web service to create / update the supplier in the cloud.

        Follow-up question:

        Are there any examples that will help my customer understand how to leverage the create and update operations - example payloads etc.? They have already reviewed the published documentation -

        Thanks again.



      • Satish Kumar

        Hi Piyush,

        Is there a SOAP/REST service for Creating a Supplier Bank Account.
        I am aware of the External Bank Account Service for creating the Bank Account but there are no service for attaching the same to a supplier.

        Satish Kumar

        • Mitesh Kumbhat

          Currently there is no SOAP/REST service for supplier bank account creation and assignment. It is planned for future.


      Hi Piyush,

      I have a question on the createsupplier web service. This new web service will create a supplier but it does not update the Tax Classification code which is essential in calculating GST or VAT. Is there another web service that we can called to update the newly created supplier with a new tax classification code ?




      • Piyush Singh

        Hi SV,

        You are right, Tax Classification Code is not supported through our web service. We will need to check with Tax team to confirm if there is another web service for this and other tax attributes.