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    Ali Sheikha
    Salesforce to salesforce using ICS : fetch data from...
    Topic posted March 1, 2017 by Ali Sheikha, last edited September 8, 2017 
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    Salesforce to salesforce using ICS : fetch data from different related objects
    Salesforce to salesforce using ICS : fetch data from different related objects

    hey guys,

    I am new to oracle ICS integration product and looking for options to integrate salesforce to salesforce integration using ICS.

    i have managed to create connections and integration as well but the problem comes when i need to fetch the data from source object lookup fields (related data using lookup reference)

    i am not able to find a way as salesforce outbound wsdl gives all the fields on single object. here is the detailed scenario.

    - i need to move lineitems from salesforce 1 to lineitems in salesforce 2

    - i can see all the fields of lineitems but i want some fields from the opportunity object as well. lineitems in salesforce 1 has a lookup field of opportunity, and using this lookup i need to fetch some fields from opportunity.

    unfortunately cannot do it as outbound messaging wsdl only contains lineitems fields.

    any help is greatly appreciated



    • Robert Van Molken

      It is not possible to join business objects using adapter.

      If you only need to join with 1 object so data is aggregated, you can use an enrichment service on inbound route or outbound route and call salesforce to get the additional information needed.

      If you need to join multiple objects you can use an orchestration type integration and do multiple calls to salesforce to get/create addtional business objects.

    • Shalindra Singh

      As Robert said, records from other objects can be fetched using query operation. I just wanted to add that it is not an adapter limitation. Salesforce does not allow selection of multiple objects while creating the outbound message in