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    Bill Thompson
    Is it possible to allow managers to start activities?
    Topic posted January 30, 2019 by Bill ThompsonGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Configuration, Mobility / Mobile Apps 
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    Is it possible to allow managers to start activities?
    Allow managers to start activities

    We currently have a resource tree structure with Techs at the lowest level under their managers. The Techs have a resource type of "Network Field Engineer" and are a Bucket. The managers above them are a bucket also and have no resource type associated with them.

    We want to introduce a new activity that the managers will have to complete in addition to the Techs. For the Techs, the existing logic works correctly. What I am asking the community is, is there a way to allow a manager to complete an activity, i.e. allow them to Start an activity in their bucket? They don't have a route to start like the Techs do. I just want the ability for them to click on the activity and be able to show them the Start button, so that they can start and then complete the activity. Is this possible? I have tried all sorts of configuration changes for the user types and various screen changes but I can't seem to get it to work. Any help is appreciated, thanks!





    • Graham Sawell

      Hi Bill,

      Unfortunately it’s not possible to start an activity assigned to a bucket, which it looks like you’re trying to do. Please correct me if I’m wrong. The activity needs to be assigned to a field resource, tool, or vehicle, and have a user assigned. This has a licence implication, whereas buckets and org units do not count towards licensed resources.

      One alternative if you don’t want to give managers their own field resource could be to use a different identifier based on a custom property for a manager having completed the activity. This could be as simple as a tick box only visible to managers that shows they completed the work, or you could have multiple fields asking for the time they took and any other information. They would stay in pending status, but you could filter the activities when you reconcile work in your BI/MI system to look for this flag. It’s also possible to cancel activities and use a different cancellation reason, but this may have implications for your source of work orders, as I expect the two systems are tightly coupled on status changes.

      There are other options too, such as using service requests, but any solution will largely depend on how you are currently using OFSC and the overall architecture. The easiest option by far is to simply give managers a route, regardless of if they use it, but I appreciate the additional licence implications may make it undesirable.

      I hope this helps.