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    Rommel Ben Vasquez
    Automatically Set Fulfillment Org other than Sourcing Rule
    Topic posted June 3, 2019 by Rommel Ben VasquezBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Order Management 
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    Automatically Set Fulfillment Org other than Sourcing Rule
    How can we set the fulfillment organization/warehouse based on certain rule or condition.

    The business has a thousand stores and warehouse. Each Stores has its own warehouse. The Items are sold, available and associated to all the thousand inventory organizations/warehouse.

    Using GOP, system assigns the source and fulfillment organization. However, each store has its own warehouse supplying for the order when available.



    Store 1  has Warehouse A.

    Store 2  has Warehouse B

    Store 3  has Warehouse C and so on.


    When Order is placed and entered in Store 3, the intended supply source is Warehouse C. We wanted that on the order, the defaulted supply is Warehouse C automatically. Considering that there are a thousand stores and a thousand employees, we cannot make use of the pre-transformation defaulting rules for this requirement.




    • Sukalyan Ghatak

      Not sure if I got the question correct.

      So are your Stores and Warehouses both defined as Inventory Orgs and you use a back to back transfer from warehouse to store against a sales order placed on the store?


      Sukalyan Ghatak

      • Rommel Ben Vasquez

        Consider the stores and its Warehouse as one physically and in the system. Given there are 1000+ warehouse(inventory orgs) to which item is associated, we are looking at options or means to default the store/warehouse as the supply to which the order is placed automatically without having the Order Entry Specialist to manually set the warehouse.

        • Ramadoss Vinayagam


          If you are capturing default warehouse at item master or somewhere, then you can think of using OM Extensions to set the fulfillment warehouse based on the ordered item. 


          • Sukalyan Ghatak

            I can see a few options:

            1. Using OM extensions, as Ramadoss recommended. Only downside (to the extent I have seen), OM Extentions work only for orders entered from the UI, not for imported ones. I think it is easier to set a warehouse in an imported order, as long as we have the rules for it.

            2. Sourcing Rules - May be set at a Customer or Customer Site in the Assignment Set, the sourcing rule will determine the warehouse.


            Sukalyan Ghatak

            • Rommel Ben Vasquez

              Thank you for your inputs.

              Basically, I am looking at the option to us OM extensions. We are thinking of a way that it will much easier to manage. Because, there are 1000+ stores which has its own warehouse to be defaulted as source of supply whenever order is placed in the store. We are thinking of what would be the possible conditions(attribute) available as basis to determine the supply warehouse to be defaulted.

              On Sourcing rules, this will end up maintaining sourcing rule for all the customers too.