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    Richard Keevil
    Errors when opening reports with slices in Aug16 SP1
    Topic posted November 9, 2016 by Richard KeevilGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited November 9, 2016 
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    Errors when opening reports with slices in Aug16 SP1

    We are currently performing our UAT on the upgrade from May16 SP4 to Aug16 SP1.  Several of our key reports are erroring with the below when opening or viewing its definition and the report fails to load.

    Instance validation error: 'OPER_START' is not a valid value for Operator Type.

    If I try to export and import the report definition, I get an error in creation saying:

    The selected Report Definition is not a valid file exported by the Report Designer Export function, or the exported file has been modified.

    I checked i'm not doing anything wrong with the export/import by trying the exact same method with a working report and that's all fine, so its something with the report.

    Interestingly, if I reset the slicer and then perform the import/export the report gets created, I can then reapply the slice and save the report and all seems well.

    Rather than having to perform this on all the broken reports, anyone got any bright ideas?

    Aug16 SP1



    • Dietrik

      Obviously, your report contains errors, possibly created by the upgrade or at least containing a non supported feature in that version.. This also screws up the export.

      If you're still running the old version you might try to import / export some of these reports from your old site into your upgrade site. If this also breaks you might be able to change these reports in the old version in a way the will be accepted when upgrading..

      Report a bug with a service ticket to Oracle to see if a solution will be available on time but be prepared for some extra work after the upgrade.


    • Erica (Leep) Anderson

      You've probably already done this, Richard, but just in case, I wanted to echo Dietrik's comment about submitting a service request to Technical Support. This one smells like a defect, so Cloud Engineering can investigate and work through the defect if that is indeed the case.

      Erica, Community Manager