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    Nawfal El Hannoun
    Sales Cloud Swyx CTI Connection
    Topic posted February 14, 2019 by Nawfal El HannounRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Configuration, Integration, PaaS/SaaS, Setup and Maintenance, Tip, Voice, Workflow 
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    Sales Cloud Swyx CTI Connection
    How to connect Swyx CTI with Oracle Sales Cloud

    Dear community,

    is there a good tutorial on how to connect sales cloud to a swyx CTI?

    The use case will be:

    Customer calls a number—> the sales manager or an inside sales team group number

    the called manager or the team member picking up will get his sales cloud contacts screen opened

    the customer is beeing looked up within existing contacts using his calling phone number automatically, so that the colleage responding is presented with the detailview of the calling contact is ready to edit it.

    Once done, the call is logged within the activities as an inbound call, and ghe  coöleage gets an option to write a call summary/memo.

    2 nd scenario: the caller is not recognized within contacts, so the called colleage gets the contacts creation view opened and ready to edit.

    3rd scenario, a colleage opens a contact or account record, all phone numbers seem to be hyperlinked, and he may dial by clicking on the number. At the end of the call, logging and call report as in first scenario.

    Please help me achieving this. The documentation is a bit confusing abput URLs to be used etc, and nothing specific about swyx/swyx clients.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

    Oracle Sales Coud Release 13 update 18C



    • Thiyag

      Hi Nawfal,

      The use case which you have provided can be achieved using the CTI functionality in service module and by giving service profile access to Sales Manager or their group.

      I got the below link to refer when the same question was asked in service forum.

      Trust this will show some light on your question.