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    Jess Mullenix
    Unable to Finally Close BPA's
    Topic posted June 24, 2019 by Jess MullenixSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Agreements 
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    Unable to Finally Close BPA's
    Not allowing to Finally Close BPA's - receiving an error: "You cannot perform this action on documents that are in status Open. (PO-2055153).

    Has anyone else tried to Finally Close a BPA and receive the error code: "You cannot perform this action on documents that are in status Open. (PO-2055153)"?

    NOTE: The BPA's I have attempted to Finally Close all have PO's that are all in a status of Finally Closed.

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    • Suman Guha


      Have you filed a SR with Support? If so, can you please share the SR#?

      Also there recently was an exchange about a related idea where we kind of went over where it would make sense to final close an agreement versus simply end dating it.

      Here's the link to that entry in idea lab: https://cloudcustomerconnect.oracle.com/posts/31d952a87d​




      • Jess Mullenix

        Yes SR 3-20398257821. I don't want to reopen, I am not able to Finally Close certain BPA's even though all backing documents are Finally Closed.

        • Suman Guha

          Referred you to the other thread not so much for the Reopen scenario but more so to check out the discussion on why agreement expiration is almost always enough and final close should be sparingly used to remove the agreements from the default search results when the result set starts becoming too big.

          If you have other drivers on why you would like to Final Close, would be good for us to understand.

    • Suman Guha

      Could you please include a screenshot here?

      Wasn't able to see much from the SR. Points to a note that relates to the EBS product.

      Hope this is not about EBS Purchasing.

    • Jess Mullenix

      The error is attached above and you're right it's not EBS it's Cloud. :( I will let my tech know.


    • Jess Mullenix

      Here is current workaround (see attached documentation)

      • Suman Guha

        Thanks for sharing this. Feel free to follow-up with support to log a bug with the product so that development can analyze why you cannot simply finally close without needing this convoluted process.