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    Monitor Expiring or Expired Supplier Business...
    Topic posted June 27, 2018 by Hong GaoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Setup, Supplier Profile Management 
    Monitor Expiring or Expired Supplier Business Classifications
    A couple of ways for supplier administrators to monitor expiring or expired supplier business classification certificates

    Keeping supplier business classification information accurate and current is very important for the buying organization in terms of maintaining high quality supply base data.  There are a couple of ways that supplier administrators can monitor supplier business classification certificates that are expired or expiring soon.

    1. From Suppliers Overview page, there is a region called Supplier Business Classifications.  There are two tabs in this region: Expiring and Expired.  Under the Expiring tab, user can find business classification certificates that are expiring soon.  User can filter the results using switcher Expiring and select values among Next 30/60/90 days.  Under the Expired tab, user can find business classification certificates that are already expired.  For either tab, user can click on supplier name to drill down to the profile details.  User can find out the contact information for the supplier and follow up to update the certificate information.
    2. The buying organization can also schedule process to periodically review supplier business classification status and send out notification to supplier user about expiring or expired certificates.  User can follow these steps:
      • From Setup and Maintenance work area, navigate to the task Configure Supplier Notifications.
      • Under Expiring Business Classifications, provide values for attributes: Notify Prior to Expiration in Days and Reminder Frequency in Days.  For example, user enters 6 for Notify Prior to Expiration in Days and 2 for Reminder Frequency in Days.  The application will notify suppliers with business classifications expiring 6 days prior to the certificate End Date.  Then it will also send out reminder notifications every 2 days until the certificate is expired.
      • From Navigator, under Tools > Scheduled Processes, schedule a new process called Supplier Business Classifications Notification.  User can schedule to run it periodically or immediately based on business needs.
      • After the successful completion of the process, notifications are sent out to supplier users.  For expiring business classifications, system will use the settings defined on the Configure Supplier Notifications task to send out notifications and the supplier user who is the Administrative Contact will receive the notification.  For expired business classification, both administrative contact user as well as the supplier contact entered as Provided By for the expired certificate will receive the notification.