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    Stuart Creedy
    Embarking on first implementation of PPM in my organisation
    Topic posted May 14, 2019 by Stuart Creedy, tagged Project Billing & Revenue, Project Contracts, Project Costing, Project Management, Project Planning & Scheduling, Project Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting, Project Resource Management, Task Management 
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    Embarking on first implementation of PPM in my organisation
    Implementing PPM technology across business which is a significant business transformation initiative. Looking for best practices, tips, guidance from those who have embarked on a similar project

    My company DDI (Development Dimensions International) have been using Oracle for nearly 20 years to manage our finances.  We use Oracle to raise client invoices, internal revenue and cost cross-charging, time tracking and financial reporting.  In 2018 the business recognised that something needed to change in how we manage project and financial data, to align and streamline how we are working across our global operations.  Through a vendor selection process we identified Oracle’s PPM technology as a way to meet key challenges around how we invoice and manage financial information, project execution and resource management.

    My team will begin the implementation of PPM with Oracle Consulting Services at end of May.   The team recognises that this technology implementation is more of a business transformation project.  Reviewing processes that vary across our operations to define a way of working that is more aligned; and needing to engage the business with this initiative to help drive support and adoption to the change that will result from this technology.

    I wanted to see if there was anyone out there who has been through a similar implementation of PPM on this scale.   What tips or best practices would you recommend.  What would you do differently if you had to do your implementation again.

    This is less about the technology and more about the change management side of things.  I am reading “Leading Change” by John P Kotter, looking online and working with colleagues in my organisation for guidance.  What would be incredibly valuable is connecting with those who have lived and breathed a similar implementation of the PPM technology.

    This is my first post on any forum and so am excited to hopefully connect with others and learn and share with you.



    • Hiten Makwana

      Hi Stuart - 

      Change Management is a detailed area and needs its dedicated focussed group of employees to work with solution team to identify all change impacts, prioritize changes and have an mitigation plan for these.

      Some change impacts/areas come to my mind;

      • Conduct Education sessions/Roadshows to increase awareness of
        • Definition of Projects and Tasks for various types of Projects (Capital, Indirect, etc.)
        • New Charge String (POET) in addition to GL String
      • Helping users to learn what should be charged to POET vs what should be charged to GL String
      • Keep the Project Numbering smart (separate range by type) so that it helps in end user adoption of POET
      • For all feeder interfaces, decide which ones should feed GL vs which ones should feed Projects

      Best Wishes on this initiative.


    • John May
      Read your post with great interest.  In my experience, the best implementations of Oracle PPM will involve business transformations.  As a starter, when you're implementing Oracle PPM, you need to help your users focus on the question of whether the enterprise (or internal organization) is going to commit to working in a project-focused environment.  This is different from other more process-focused business environments.  Also, get your project/program managers involved from the start.  Try to focus/encourage their involvement.  Design your solutions to help them do their job.  Many times I've seen the accounting users impose their viewpoint on how projects are setup to the determent of usability factors necessary for Project team members.
      Secondly, make sure you have a discussion on defining "what is a project?"  This has many dimensions and will direct you to establishing a firm foundation to build your solution.
      Third, you mentioned resource management.  Defining internal 'owners' of projects versus 'owners' of resources will be important on several dimensions in the cross-charge/intercompany solution(s) that you will be building out.
      Those are just some basic thoughts for you to consider.  Wish you all the good fortune of rolling out your project.
      • Stuart Creedy

        Thank you John.  Very helpful points.  We have a team across our different operations and with me leading this it means representing the business not just a tech led project.

        With the initial health check we had with Oracle we have learn that terminology and roles in the system are crucial to define so that we all talk the same language and have an aligned understanding in how we each interact with the PPM system