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    Jamey Boozer
    DM Check Rule Group - FCCS Consolidated Intersections
    Topic posted August 9, 2019 by Jamey BoozerGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    DM Check Rule Group - FCCS Consolidated Intersections
    Pulling consolidated numbers into DM Check Report from FCCS

    I am having a real challenge getting the DM check report to pull anything from FCCS - is there a setting that I am missing?  Do I have to have the dimensions set as drill region?  Is DM really kicking off a consolidation of the data in FCCS on export?  Is there a limitation of DM in the cloud to provide FCCS values on a check report?  I have read the Oracle documentation and the other topic on this forum related to check reports, but I can only get the report to pull the title and subtitle by entity but then I get FAIL and nothing else on the actual PDF and a gray Check Fish.

    I only input the target intersection to display the amount, not really check anything at this point.  What am I missing?

    We are using the total balance sheet hierarchy as our out of balance and not the Balance account - so I am just trying to display that value on the report.

    Any help is appreciated and I apologize if this has been addressed or is so basic that no one else has issues with this functionality.








    • Tony Scalese

      Did you test the rule on the Check Rule Group?  It's the 3rd tab of the editor.

    • Jamey Boozer
      I did select the POV - this is all that is displayed after clicking test.  It clears everything and says no error.
      • Tony Scalese

        I know Check reports from on-prem FDMEE is not supported.  To confirm, you are using Cloud Data Management correct?

    • Jamey Boozer

      Yes - it is FCCS cloud using DM FCCS cloud

    • Jamey Boozer

      Does anyone have a functioning Check Report for DM cloud working with FCCS at consolidated members?  For now I would just like to pull in the Traditional Balance Sheet account - but cannot get data to pull into my report. 

      • Bernardo Andres Neira

        Is your entity being consolidated ?? if the answer is yes, then you could try by establishing a base POV

      • Soumadeep Guha

        Hey Jamey,

        The Check Report for DM does work in FCCS. However, we had set the POV for Consolidation member at FCCS_Entity Input and Data Source Member at Managed Data. Rest of dimensions were at their respective Top dimension members. In the Check Entity group if you are using base entity that is shared across multiple hierarchies, make sure the base entity members follow the qualified naming convention - [parent].[child].

        Thanks and Regards,


    • Jamey Boozer
      Thanks for the information - I am going to continue to tweak the check rule.  I have adopted the Entity input and Managed data.  I am still getting the lookup error.
      We do not have shared entities so I didn't update the naming convention to parent.child
      But, the important thing is that folks are getting these reports to work at consolidated target intersections.
      I appreciate your response.