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    Peter Rupp
    Disabling "See Organization for SLA details" for...
    Topic posted October 3, 2019 by Peter RuppRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Disabling "See Organization for SLA details" for Contact
    I'd like to disable "See Organization for SLA details" for Contact

    I'd like to disable "See Organization for SLA details" for Contacts as it is currently not working with our new SLA model. We created a new SLA for a paid service on an contact level but if we link that contact to an organization it applies "See Organization for SLA details" and wont let that contact view the paid content UNLESS the whole organization is added to that SLA which we do not want. Maybe I am bad at searching but I could not find out how to disable the "See Organization for SLA details" and any help would be greatly appreciated.




    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      I guess you are working with privileged answers right and you have an access level tied to answers and want to assign that access level to contacts rather than orgs.
      Did I get that right?

      If so, and I may be wrong here, I don't think that is possible. A possible work around (which may add a complexity to it when using business rules for Orgs) would be to create your own Org field (custom object) that you assign to contacts and use the OOB org field for your access levels only. You could then have an org called Paid and another called Free and just assign contacts to these 2 orgs which would allow you to control the content. The real Org info would have to be stored in a custom object where you create the various fields. Business rules made for orgs would have to be done through CPM where you use PHP to control your custom object. If Org is something you only use for your access levels and not something you need for rules etc then it may be sufficient for you to create a custom field for Org under Contact where you store Org info.

    • Peter Rupp

      That is correct about the access level to contact. The problem with changing the Org to something custom or blank is that the Org is tied to service contracts and is required. If we change it, now that parson/email isn't linked to a contract so it breaks the logic there. 

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Ah... yeah, that complicates things. Another solution could be to use a custom field for contacts (Yes/No or menu) to specify which contact should have access to to the paid content, require a login for your site so you are able to read the session of the user containing the custom field value in combination with your own search result widgets that takes this custom field into account as a filter value.

      There may be other solutions such as through an additional interface within your instance and separate content (free on interface 1, paid on interface 2).

    • Peter Rupp

      We already have about 20 levels of SLA's so a separate site isn't really an option for just one SLA. I'm going to try to drop down idea, didn't think about a solution such as that. I was hoping there was some check box I was missing to turn off the Org SLA and make it an individual level but I guess not.  

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      No its not possible to have individual access levels for contacts if they belong to the same org...

      With the SLA created, you can apply an SLA instance to an organization or to an individual contact that is not associated with an organization. SLAs applied to an organization allow privileged access to all contacts associated with that organization.

      Source: Setting up privileged access