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    Madhumitha Thinakaran
    Test in Production Instance
    Topic posted March 31, 2019 by Madhumitha ThinakaranBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Configuration 
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    Test in Production Instance

    Hi Gurus,

    It is uncertain to test our configuration in prod instance. To know our configurations are working fine in prod before delivering to the customer, how do we test?

    Could anyone suggest me ways to test the configurations?






    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Madhu,

      I don't know a better way, to keep Prod and Test as identical as possible, test the changes in Test, implement carefully (out of business working hours) on Prod, validate, and roll back if some issues found. In special cases (when integration isn't necessary) you can implement to Train first and make an early validation there.


    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Madhu,

      Another point is that you can do all the changes and keep it ready in test instance. Then you can ask Oracle to clone your test instance to Production. This way if anything is not working correctly in Production just after Golive you can test it in test instance and replicate the issue. This will also lead to no manual errors as you are not doing any manual setups in production instance.

      When it comes to external integrations, I think those you can test after cloning is done by Oracle. You can check Oracle Cloning policy with your Customer Relationship manager.



    • tanuj saxena

      Hi Madhu,


      The best way to check your configuration would be to keep your prod and test in sync, something that people have also recommended on this post. Its always a best practice to make changes in test and then perform it out in PROD (manually in case of OFS). And for that your both systems has to be in sync.

      Secondly, if you are particularly looking for testing out the routing rules in PROD there are two approaches that we follow. 

      a) feed the future appointment into the test system before go live and see if the routing requires tweaking.

      b) activate the routing functionality in PROD after 3-4 weeks of manual movement of activities. Or else run routing few days in advance and understand the impact.


      Hope this helps.