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    Ranjith Kumar M
    Agent Desktop - Navigation Section AddIn Screen Size Issue.
    Topic posted August 24, 2018 by Ranjith Kumar MRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Agent Desktop - Navigation Section AddIn Screen Size Issue.

    I have Created an add-in and placed it in Navigation Section. It automatically expand it size while we expand Navigation section. Its going good. We have two options to open our Navigation Add Ins, One is, it will placed on Rightnow Application window by default when we open RightNow Application . Another one we manually opened it from File => Tool  Window => Select needed addin . My Problem is, I closed the navigation section add-in then i opened the same add-in from File=>Tool Window location. when i tried to expand navigation section add-in, Navigation section only expanded but add-in didn't expand. 

    Steps to reproduce that Issue : 

    1.Open Rightnow Application with Navigation Addin.
    2.If Navigation section add-In is not available then You can open it from File=>Tool Window else skip step 2.

    3.Close Navigation section addin then open it from File=>Tool Window .

    Now you can try it..just expand it...You will get same issue..
    Note: Here I have attached images for that design issue.

    Oracle Service cloud- RightNow Agent Desktop Application