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    Aneeta Rana
    Survey using Engagement Cloud - Service
    Topic posted August 2, 2019 by Aneeta Rana, tagged Channels, Configuration and Administration, Service Request Management 
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    Survey using Engagement Cloud - Service
    Survey using Engagement Cloud - Service


    Can we send survey to customers to capture their feedback on Support Request in Engagement Cloud Service or may be a kind of CSAT-Customer Satisfaction Survey.

    The functionality was there on Right Now i believe.






    • Karyn Kurland

      Hi Aneeta,

      Thanks for your inquiry about the survey functionality in Engagement Cloud. This is currently in our roadmap and we are targeting to support a survey framework that will provide a straightforward interface where a customer can quickly configure any API-based survey solution to send surveys to Engagement Cloud object owners based on object-specific rules (such as the closure of a Service Request).


      Karyn Kurland

    • JustRhianna

      Is it 12+ in the roadmap or sooner?

    • Karyn Kurland

      If all goes well, we are targeting to release the Phase 1 of this Survey Framework in the first half of 2020. This Framework would provide a straightforward interface where an administrator can quickly connect to a variety of popular survey tools (such as Survey Monkey), configuring the event(s) that allow surveys to be sent through those tools. Any Survey responses collected can be accessed in the Survey Tool.

      In a future release we hope to enhance the Framework to include data collection from the survey tool, ingesting survey responses into Engagement Cloud for reporting/analysis. This is on our roadmap and we do not have a target timeframe at this time.


      Karyn Kurland

      • Mohana Gopal Selvam

        Hi Karyn,

        It would be good, if we get the OOB survey functionality in OEC same OSvC. It is very hard to ask customer to purchase other survey tools.