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    Ujas Bhatt
    Number of record (data) limit in FBDI v/s ADFDi
    Topic posted May 16, 2019 by Ujas BhattSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Financials, Fusion, Manage Procurement Catalog, Public Sector, Tip, White Paper 
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    Number of record (data) limit in FBDI v/s ADFDi
    Is there a predefined limit for number of records that can go to system while we upload data using FBDI or ADFDi ?

    Hi Experts,

    This questions is precisely from Procurement and Finance FBDI  and ADDFi prospective.

    Is there a predefined limit for number of records (data) that we can use in FBDI and ADFDi while we upload the data using spreadsheet?  If yes, do we have any standard oracle document around this indicates this information?

    Also, is there a setup hosted by Oracle that we can increase or decrease this limit ?

    Appreciate your help !!!





    • Alan Rowland

      If you're using it for JE's then you might find this useful - ADFdi Vs File Based Import For Importing Journals (Doc ID 1622476.1) .   I don't have an equivalent document for Procurement.  If you're using this on a regular basis for business users then consider the ease-of-use of ADFDI.

      • Ujas Bhatt

        Thanks Alan !! Seems this is more specific to scenario for GL JE'/

        I would like to understand in general across Finance/Procurement,  What is the maximum lines it can handle both in ADFDi and FBDI?  Is there a setup involved somewhere where you ca increase/decrease number of records it can handle?  I am sure Oracle must be owing this setup however i would like to know from this forum if anyone faced any issue and knows about it.


        • Alan Rowland

          Raise a low level SR.  I haven't anything anything specific for individual modules.

          • Ujas Bhatt

            Thanks Alan. I already raised an relevant SR and got the answer from oracle that ADFDi can handle 500 records at a time.  FBDI there is no defined limit or cannot be set as it depends on multiple factors e.g. Type of data, process etc,. so there is no straight forward answer to this question so far. I will keep this forum posted once i hear more on this.

    • David Wright

      Hi Folks,

      This is an issue we are facing.  If we use the standard PO webservice it is supported to 200 records.  We did ask Oracle if it was possible to change the timeout in the middle tier to stop the webservice timing out.  Although this was possible in the e-Business Suite world it isn't something they are prepared to offer in Cloud ERP. 

      FBDI doesn't have this issue but it has other limitations, primarily the only way to see the interface errors after it has been submitted is to view a .pdf report, which is fine if it is a person looking at the results but not another system.  I think there are also some limitations on the update PO functionality (But I've not confirmed this)

      Check out (and plse vote for) the following (they have SR's associated with them)

      Ability to Create/Update Purchase Orders via interface

      Idea number: 56d5edc752 https://cloudcustomerconnect.oracle.com/posts/56d5edc752

      Require ability to query PO Interface and Interface Error tables after FBDI import process has completed.

      Idea number: f372492da2  https://cloudcustomerconnect.oracle.com/posts/f372492da2




    • Vijay Goodavagaram

      ADFDi: ADFDi itself has no additional limitations than what Excel has (1 million rows), but the different product implementations of ADFDi have its own certified limit. For example, "Close Purchase Order Schedules Using a Spreadsheet" feature in purchasing is certified for 5000 rows and the same is documented here. Many products certify upto 5000 rows, but there is no 1 limit for all products - certified limits are based on performance, due to the complexity of the business logic. 

      FBDI: Again there is no single certified limit for all FBDI programs. The certified limits for each of the FBDI programs is based on how much the program can handle without being unusable or causing performance issues on the system(which depends on the complexity of the program logic). For example, the Import Orders is certified for 10,000 rows, as documented here

    • Alan Rowland

      It would be nice if Oracle could consolidate this, at least at a high level (e.g. Financials, SCM, etc.) so we don't have to expend time searching for this on a piecemeal basis.  I've been asked similar questions several times by my users.

    • Ujas Bhatt

      I think i would be putting this under Idea Lab for Oracle to clearly indicate this under "Instructions" tab in each FBDI/ADFDi about the capability of number of records it can handle in one batch.  I have some anticipated answer from Oracle however let's see.