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    Christopher Maggiulli
    Error connecting to application running on-premise, on same...
    Topic posted August 5, 2018 by Christopher MaggiulliSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points, tagged Adapters, Agent, Cloud, Connection, Integration, REST, SOAP 
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    Error connecting to application running on-premise, on same box as connectivity agent

    OIC version 18.3.3 (but occurred in 18.3.1 and 18.2.4 as well)


    We have a dedicated RHEL 7 box that our production on premise connectivity agent runs on.  However, the connectivity agent for our test environment does not have a dedicated box, and is running on a RHEL 7 server that also hosts the test environment of a coldfusion application that we integrate with through the rest and soap adapters.  In other words I'm trying to create a rest connection with the on premise connectivty agent, and the connection is to the same box the on premise connectivity agent runs on.  Every time I attempt to test the connection it fails saying connection refused.  I've tried the following (internal dns name which works from the production on prem agent)

    localhost (wont event let me enter that)


    All say connection refused.


    The coldfusion application is internal only.  The application server runs on port 8500 but all connections go through an apache web server running on port 80.  If I enable local access to port 8500 through iptables (its disabled by default except when the request are routed via mod_jk) it works. However I do not want to bypass the apache webserver since that is not how we do any of our integrations nor is it how we do it in production (the test and production set up are identical. Only different is we have the connectivity agent rujnning on the test box, whereas in production it has a dedicated box).

    I've also tried using but that refuses the connection too.

    I know that the on premise connectivity agent is not running on port 80 so I don't get what the conflict is about (although I havent really looked at the diagnostic log).

    Is there any way to get around other than spinning up a dedicated box for the test environments on premise agent?


    Also, as a second question, I have tables created in the DBaaS that is used by ICS.  If I want to integrate with those tables, should i run another connectivity agent on the database box, or should I just use APEX?




    • Amandeep Mahajan

      Are you using a proxy for OIC agent?


      I would recommend for you to use a simple curl command to execute your REST service hosted at If it works, check to see if somehow a proxy is involved. If yes, you would have to ensure that the proxy no host captures the right value so that the direct connection to the REST endpoint doesn't go through a proxy.

    • Christopher Maggiulli

      curl -X GET -H "Content-Type:application/json"


      Yes it work's directly from the box and always from my own desktop.  I also tried with POSTMAN and was successful. No proxy server is set up and there is no authentication on the web service.  It definitely has something to do with accessing a resource running on port 80 on the same box the connectivity agent runs on.  Does anyone else have a similar set up that can share their results?