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    Hitesh Patel
    Sales Analysis Dashboard
    Topic posted April 10, 2018 by Hitesh PatelSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited September 14, 2018 by Hemal KapasiBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Account, Activity, Competitors, Customer, Dashboard, Employee, Forecast, Opportunity, Opportunity Management, Pipeline, Product, Quarter, Quota, Resource, Revenue, Sales, Sales Executive, Sales Manager, Sales Representative, Shared Reports, Territory, Tile, User Adoption, Users, Year 
    Sales Analysis Dashboard
    One stop dashboard to get a comprehensive view of your CRM data

    Business Use Case:

    The Sales Analysis Dashboard provides a comprehensive information for the CRM data like -

    1. Pipeline Information
    2. KPIs
    3. Top and Bottom data
    4. Top Accounts and Opportunities data
    5. Activity Data
    6. Product hierarchy and revenue contribution
    7. Competitor Analysis data


    Below are the different Dashboard pages and the brief of the reports embedded in those pages:

    1. Pipeline Analysis: Provides details on Pipeline for Current/Future Quarters and Top Opportunities for a selected Resource hierarchy
    2. Top Accounts and Opportunities: For a selected Time period/Resource/Sales Stage/Opportunity Status/Territory provides details on the Top Opportunities and Accounts
    3. Opportunity Details: For a selected Time period/Sales Method/Stage/Territory, provides details of the Opportunities
    4. Account Details: Provides Account details and search capabilities by Name/State/County/City Owner
    5. Pipeline by Industry OR Country: Provides details of Pipeline by Industry OR Country
    6. Executive Reports: For a given Resource hierarchy selected, provides details on the Customers and the Opportunities against them
    7. Competitor analysis: Provides details on Lost Opportunities and Revenue to different Competitors
    8. Additional Pipeline: For a selected Resource hierarchy, shows Pipeline and YoY Revenue comparison (aggregated and by Customers) and Company wide and Sales Rep wise 30-60-90 days Forecast
    9. Top and Bottom Metrics: Shows Top and Bottom Accounts, Products and Sales Representatives by Revenue
    10. Activity Analysis: Shows Sales Reps and their Activities summary and details, Last completed Activities, activities for a given time range and Activity age report
    11. KPIs: Provides details on Lead and Opportunity KPIs and Opportunity Detail Analysis
    12. Product Whitespace Analysis Provides details on Product Revenue mapping for Customers
    13. Product Hierarchy: Shows the Product Hierarchy and their Opportunity and Revenue contribution
    14. Activity Scorecard: For a selected Time period, shows Sales Representatives with Top Activities
    15. Sales Scorecard: For a selected Time period, shows Sales Representatives with highest Closed Revenue and overall attainment details
    16. Top X Opportunities: Shows the Top 'X' Opportunities in the system by Revenue
    17. User Login History: For a selected Time period, shows Login trend by Channel used, Active days by Employees and their Last Activity date (this report is available to BI admin or User with specific BI duty role; please refer the 'Managing Sales Cloud User Adoption Analytics' section in the documentation)

    How to deploy:

    1. Un-archive “Oracle CX Invest.catalog” file which has all the individual report, dashboard prompt and the dashboard.
    2. Ensure that you un-archive it under /shared/custom folder to retain the references that the dashboard has to those individual files (else you may correct those again in the dashboard)
    3. Refer the attachment for details on deployment

    Implementation notes:

    • If there are some reports or dashboard pages not applicable, please feel free to delete those
    • Customize the reports to suit your specific needs
    • Retain only those reports that are needed in the dashboard