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    Shopping Search Results: Differences in behavior between the...
    Topic posted April 10, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited May 15, 2019, tagged Create Requisition, FAQ, Requisition Mobile 
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    Shopping Search Results: Differences in behavior between the Online and Mobile Application
    Differences in search behavior in Shopping Search Results between the Online and Mobile Application

    Customers / Support

    I was encouraged to write this article based on a recent issue I encountered from a support ask on the Forum Post. In this case, the customer simply had the following issue:

    Problem Statement:

    Customer user searches using a search keyword online and the system returns search results. The exact same terms produces no search results on the Mobile App.

    Designed Behavior:

    Now, I realize some of you may already be aware of some of this but, I do think it helps to see them in a published form to confirm that perspective or understanding. The differences between the two are discussed in the table below:


    Online Application

    Mobile Application


    Local Catalogs

    Punchout Catalogs

    Smart Forms

    Information Catalogs

    Local Catalogs

    Punchout Catalogs




    Master Items

    Punchout Search Items

    Agreement Backed Items

    Items with Information Templates associated with them

    Items on a Local Catalog

    Items not associated with Information Templates


    1. As DFF infrastructure is not currently supported via the Mobile App Self Service Procurement features, Information Templates using that very infrastructure is the reason it is not supported

    2. Items whose price or amount cannot be converted into the Functional Currency, i.e. the transaction currency is different than the functional currency and no conversion rate exists