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    Sammy Khan
    Do you know Supplier Qualification has a framework to record...
    Topic posted August 1, 2018 by Sammy KhanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged FAQ, Tip 
    Do you know Supplier Qualification has a framework to record automation errors?
    This post provides you an overview of manage automation errors page

    Automation errors pertaining to  Automatic Initiative Creation, Automatic Qualification Creation and Automatic Requalification are recorded under this automation error framework. This framework is available starting in Release 13 Update 17C.

    Users can access the Manage Automation Errors page by clicking the Automation Errors infolet on the Supplier Qualification Overview page or the Manage Automation Errors link under the Tasks menu.  The automation error framework does not only display the errors, but it also provides users to correct the errors and relaunch the automatic flows.  In addition, it provides users an option to archive errors on which corrective action has been taken place.

    For more details, you can review the following release training videos:

    1.       Automation Error Management (update 17C)

    2.       Automatically Requalify Qualifications on Expiration (update 18A)

    3.       Automatically Requalify Suppliers on New Question Responses (update 18B)