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    Mohamed Shawky
    Allocation using Calculation Manager
    Topic posted October 12, 2018 by Mohamed Shawky, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Allocations 
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    Allocation using Calculation Manager
    We need to allocate amounts based on certian segments and statistical values


    We need to allocate Ending Balances of certain accounts based on percentages that change every month. Below is a brief description of the case:

    1- The accounts that need to be allocated are included within a parent account

    2- The allocation source is the total ending balances for each of the respective natural accounts irrespective of the balancing segment and other segment values.

    3- The allocation target should be the same natural accounts and only the balancing segment values will be assigned to a different value, whereas all the other segments will be defaulted to the default values.

    4- The allocation should be based on a percentage that changes from month to month. We will enter STAT journals for those percentages every month,

    5- The offset of the allocation should be to a fixed natural account and balancing segment while other segments should show the default values.




    • Abhijit

      Please use POV and Formula component and design the rule. STAT balances as entered using STAT journals can be referred to in the formula. Have you already tried defining the formula and faced any issues? We know there are Accenture consultants who are already working on complex Allocations and have sufficient knowledge base.