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    Michelle Brusyo
    Video Chat Readiness White PaperAnswered
    Topic posted April 21, 2017 by Michelle BrusyoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Video Chat 
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    Video Chat Readiness White Paper

    Are you thinking about Video Chat for your contact center? It can be an easy, cost-effective way to communicate and collaborate with customers in a way that's both highly personal and highly efficient!

    But there are some nuances to Video Chat that require some planning... Check out the attached paper to read through 10 things to think about before deploying Video Chat in your contact center.

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    Danette Beal

    Thanks for the post Michelle, this is great!!

    Danette, Community Manager



    • Danette Beal

      Thanks for the post Michelle, this is great!!

      Danette, Community Manager

    • Michel Jilderda

      Thank you for sharing, I am wondering how the videochat is integrated into OSvC currently. It must be with an addin that facilitates the WebRTC component?

      It is such a shame that the built-in browser element in OSvC is based on Internet Explorer, as this currently prohibits us using from using WebRTC Video in our messenger integration solution. The only way that we were able to get it working correctly is by creating an addin that uses Chromium (dll version of Chrome) as an addin.

    • Dietrik

      Thanks for sharing. I agree with Michel though. It's a bit generic and does not provide a solution that can be offered easily to OSC customers.

      It would be nice to get a more product centered document offering a nicely integrated solution.


    • Michelle Brusyo

      Thanks for the feedback Michel and Dietrik!

      Our first release of native video chat capability is slated for later this year and will leverage our Browser UI agent desktop. When we release this feature, there will be plenty of materials and documentation to go along that highlights the integration and how video works seamlessly with OSvC.

      In the meantime I've talked to many customers who are interested in video, but are surprised at some of the nuances to deploying it and they have been appreciative of our guidance on how to "get ready" so that's the purpose of this white paper.

      Thanks again!

    • Peter C

      Hi Michelle. 

      Has this been developed any further to integrate with OSvC?  At my institution (Higher Ed) we are thinking of this capability but I think it would be daft to look at an other vendor if we already could do it with an already trusted supplier with a 'big footprint' at our Campus.

      We are on May 17 but have some work to do to get our CP upgraded and switching on Browser UI


    • Jessica Bradley

      Hi Peter,

      We continue to develop this feature within OSvC and it should be out on controlled availability soon!

      Thank you for considering this solution--if you are interested in a proof of concept, please let Michelle Brusyo know (original poster).


    • Venkat

      Hi Michelle/Jessica,

      We are planning to add Video chat capability for our agents and wondering whether this feature is available. We are on 17D and have not switched on to Browser UI. It would be really helpful if anyone can provide below information

      • When will this feature be available (any scheduled date/version for rollout)
      • Will it be compatible with only Browser Agent or can it be used with Desktop version console

      Thanks in advance.