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    Katrine Haugerud
    New Look and Feel of Oracle’s Cloud Event Notifications
    Announcement posted September 22, 2014 by Katrine HaugerudGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited September 24, 2014, tagged Architecture, BI, Engagement Cloud, Enterprise Planning, Financials, General, GRC, HCM, Maintenance, Marketing, Other, Patch, PPM, Procurement, Release, SCM, Service, Talent, Upgrade, UX 
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    New Look and Feel of Oracle’s Cloud Event Notifications

    Oracle's E-mail Announcements Are Getting a Facelift!


    Based on your feedback, Oracle's cloud event notifications are getting a facelift! With the new look and feel, we will improve both the standardization and modernization of the e-mails.

    For example, we want you to be able to quickly determine if an e-mail is asking you to take action or if it is just delivering information. Also, we are standardizing the layout of the cloud service notifications (new purchase, upgrade, outage, etc.) to give you a better user experience.

    These 'new' notifications will start to roll out in the next weeks.

    Feel free to reply to this post with your comments and feedback as  you start to receive the newly formatted notifications.





    • Kumaran Raviprakash

      Just a small clarification say if iam an individual user of the Cloud application, so will i be getting this email notification.In case if it is Yes, does it mean to say that if from a particular company there are 100 users of a cloud application so will they be getting these email notifications.

    • Katrine Haugerud

      The people from your company that have been receiving these Notifications in the past will continue to receive them. So, if you as an example have not received Outage Notifications in the past, you will not receive them going forward either. Things will remain the same. This is just to inform everyone that we are also aligning the Notifications for Outages, Upgrades, Patching, etc. to switch over to a more modern and standardized look and feel.


    • Jonathan Eastwood

      I guess the only feedback from my end is that you need to ensure that the Subject of the email is also very clear as i must get 10 of these emails as week with different Customer outages and patching so while it is important how the email looks please also pay attention to the subject of the email as well.

      Just my two cents.

    • Katrine Haugerud

      I think that is a great point, and we are streamlining these subject titles so that it will be easy for the person receiving these to know right away if it is
      1. Notification (FYI) only - no action necessary  or
      2. Action - we will start all action emails with a verb
      I addition to the Key Message, all other necessary info will also be maintained in the subject title including that this is from Oracle Cloud, the name of the Company/Customer, Service, and Env/Pod. We will shorten as much as we can without loosing key information.
      As you have more information once these start to roll out, please let us know if both the Subject Titles and the New Notifications look and feel (and improved verbiage) are hitting the mark.


    • Rachel Grace

      Will this apply to all notifications, or just those at system level - will this new format apply to (for example) leave requests in Fusion, or just to things like system down time?

      If the former, is there a roll-out plan for these so that we can educate our end users on the change before it happens?



    • Gontran Delannoy


      Do you have some news about these "new" notifications' date ?



    • Dr. Evelyn C. Paschal

      Hi -

      How can i receive notifications for upcoming events?

      The option is not under my profile preference.

      Could you provide me w/the correct navigation path?