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    Pratish Menon
    Intercompany billing with projects
    Topic posted January 11, 2019 by Pratish MenonRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Project Billing & Revenue 
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    Intercompany billing with projects
    Unable to lookup Receiver Project on the Intercompany Provider Contract Line


    I'm trying to setup intercompany billing with projects. I've already created the Receiver Project and activated cross-charge options to receive charges from all provider business units both at the project header and line levels. This project is in active status. However, in the corresponding (intercompany) Provider Contract, I'm unable to lookup this Receiver Project Name and Task Name. I've verified the associated internal party is pointing to the right Intercompany Customer account and have valid bill-to, ship-to and sold-to sites appearing that is associated with the same account record address set as in the reference data set for Customer Account Relationship and Customer Account Site objects under the provider and receiver business unit set assignments.

    Any help or guidance will be much appreciated.




    Release 13-18C



    • Alexandru Eremia - Oracle

      Hi Pratish

      IC Conditions
      Inter company is always between different legal entities (LEs). You can't have IC set up with in the same LE.

      For example if you want to set up Inter company between Vision operations ( Provider LE ) and Vision Services ( Receiver LE).
      1. You need to define customer and supplier accounts for both provider and receiver LEs.

      2. Define relation for provider,Receiver LEs and customer and supplier ac/s in AGIS.

      3. Create Cross chargeable project in Receiver LE.

      4. Create Intercompany contract in provider LE and choose Primary party as receiver LE customer a/c.

      5. In Internal attributes you can choose provider bu and all the corresponding receiver BUs and projects of the receiver LE.
        5.1. you need to set up supplier/customer accounts properly for provider and receiver LEs.
        5.2. Provider LE and receiver LEs should be different.

      Please double-check your setup per attached doc.




      • Perry Unrau

        Hi Alex,

        Your comment is not 100% accurate.  Intercompany billing also supports the billing of activity between 2 different business units within the same legal entity.



    • Alexandru Eremia - Oracle
    • Perry Unrau

      The most likely problem is that the legal entity that owns the project differs from the legal entity of the bill-to account specified on the intercompany contract bill plan.  Another possible problem is that you are attempting to define the internal billing attributes for the intercompany contract line before you create the bill plan and assign it to the contract line.

      If this problem has been reported as SR 3-19159738531, then I have provided a more detailed response that should hopefully resolve the situation.  If this is a different problem and my suggestions above don't help, I would suggest you log an SR to have us take a detailed look at the issue.



    • Pratish Menon

      Thanks everyone for the help. All the BUs I'm working with are under the same legal entity. Also, I updated the party and billing details before trying to setup lines. The good news is that this issue got resolved the next day after I posted this. The bad news is that I'm unable to put a finger on what exactly fixed it :-)

      I added a new contact and set it up as bill-to, ship-to and sold-to, exactly the way the other bill-to was setup (except sold-to responsibilities were additionally added), re-ran the maintain project organization process (which was run before too) and my colleague ran the LDAP process, which I think is depreciated now. After that the LOV appeared.