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    AP Invoice Hold Rules - FinApHoldApproval - Options to...
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    AP Invoice Hold Rules - FinApHoldApproval - Options to Confirm Receipt Applied?


    I have setup up rules in BPM Worklist, for these Hold types:

     - Received quantity
     - Amount received
     - Ordered quantity
     - Amount ordered

    I set them up as FYI notifications, so once the requisitioner has receipted the requisition, for example, they click Dismiss on the notification.

    After that, ideally, the scheduled Invoice Validation would handle things from there - e.g. the invoice that had a Received quantity hold on it would be validated because the related REQ was receipted.

    However, in my case, the customer does not schedule Invoice Validation because they prefer to validate invoices one at a time, and if they validate en-masse it messes up their business processes.

    As that's the case, I am trying to explore if there is any way to notify someone on the invoice side of things that the REQ linked to the PO linked to the invoice has been receipted :-)

    When I write it like that, I think probably there is no simple way to do that - but I thought I'd ask anyway, as I can imagine the logic for that might be pretty complex.

    Any advice much appreciated.



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    • Sriram Ramanujam

      You could explore using Busniess events that can be triggered on creating receipt and use that to notify the users.