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    Nathaniel Holycross
    Power User unable to reopen tasks
    Topic posted October 9, 2019 by Nathaniel HolycrossGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Task Manager 
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    Power User unable to reopen tasks

    Good afternoon, 

    One of our power users is unable to reopen a closed basic task. When he opens the tasks he see 'reopen tasks' under actions but when he clicks this nothing happens. If I follow the same steps under service administrator role I see that the task is immediately reopen. I do not see any limitations in the user guide that make me think that a power user should not be able to use this functionality. Am I missing something?



    • Tom LeFebvre

      A user with the Power User role does not have any ability to reopen a task.  The Service Administrator is allowed to perform the reopen as they have few functional limitations.  The Schedule Owner is also able to reopen any task within the schedule.

      In system settings, the "Reopen" option allows the users within the task workflow (Assignees & Approvers) to reopen the task based on the task status.

      Is the user in question the schedule owner?