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    gabriel kinovisques
    R13 Subledger Accounting Options
    Topic posted August 18, 2019 by gabriel kinovisquesRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Subledger Accounting 
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    R13 Subledger Accounting Options
    Subledger Accounting Options is grey out


    I want to update the description on the Secondary Ledger, however the Subledger Accounting Options is grey out.

    Is there any work around to be able to change.

    I think we need to make a copy because the seeded one we can not update.

    Please Advise






    • gabriel kinovisques


      I am sorry is not grey out , there are not any record avaliable.

      Will you please let me know the following option

      Primary Ledger

      Secondary Ledger here I want to update the descriptions that come from the Primary Ledger from English to Spanish.

      Please Advise 




      • Julien Dubouis

        Hi Gabriel,

        My understanding is that you want to change the Journal language from English to Spanish in your secondary ledger for journals from subledger sources. It can only work if your secondary ledger has a conversion level "Subledger" (and not balance/journal). In that case you would have to go to the task "Specify Ledger Options" for your secondary ledger that has the conversion level Subledger. You can then change the Journal Language.

        Please check the conversion level between primary and secondary in the task "Manage Secondary Ledgers".


    • gabriel kinovisques

      Thanks for your help