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    Kathy Myers
    R13: Source to Settle Home Page
    Topic posted May 18, 2017 by Kathy MyersBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Business Intelligence 
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    R13: Source to Settle Home Page
    R13: Source to Settle Home Page question about context and supply base infolet

    After reviewing the training related to the R13 Source to Settle Home page I have the following questions in relation to the context for the Procurement Manager and modifying the Supply Base infolet.

    Is the data presented to the user restricted to the buyers that report to the employee or is this for all data in the procurement BU that the employee has access to as long as they have the Procurement Manager or Category Manager job roles?

    The Supply Base infolet allows for viewing by Supplier Type, Business Relationship (Prospective/Spend), and business classification (small business, minority owned, etc).  However we use Product and services to categories our suppliers, is it possible to modify this infolet to also include the breakdown by Products and Services as well?