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    unschedule_activity actionAnswered
    Topic posted May 21, 2019 by AdamSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited May 21, 2019, tagged Configuration 
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    unschedule_activity action
    how unschedule_activity works?

    I am understanding how unschedule_activity action works. I went through post: and also but I am not sure how this will work. My requirement is to move all the activities residing in a bucket to be moved to next day. I did setup a message scenario on my OFSC environment but it is kind of not working. The messages are stuck in queue as shown in the attached image.

    I tried following:

    1. Added message scenario on Add activity. Added 'unschedule' in the message and ' unschedule_activity' in the body. The message scenario did work but nothing happened to activity.
    2. Added message scenario on Add activity. Added 'action' in the message and ' unschedule_activity' in the body. The message scenario has message stuck in the queue.

    I am using sending time as 'time of event' for both of above.


    Adding one more question with this. Can I create activities as non-scheduled in the buckets so that they can be moved to future dates at any day from a past date?

    Any help please?


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    Austin Keller

    I do not see your settings, and make sure you do not have any spaces in the subject/body