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    unschedule_activity actionAnswered
    Topic posted May 21, 2019 by AdamSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited May 21, 2019, tagged Configuration 
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    unschedule_activity action
    how unschedule_activity works?

    I am understanding how unschedule_activity action works. I went through post: and also but I am not sure how this will work. My requirement is to move all the activities residing in a bucket to be moved to next day. I did setup a message scenario on my OFSC environment but it is kind of not working. The messages are stuck in queue as shown in the attached image.

    I tried following:

    1. Added message scenario on Add activity. Added 'unschedule' in the message and ' unschedule_activity' in the body. The message scenario did work but nothing happened to activity.
    2. Added message scenario on Add activity. Added 'action' in the message and ' unschedule_activity' in the body. The message scenario has message stuck in the queue.

    I am using sending time as 'time of event' for both of above.


    Adding one more question with this. Can I create activities as non-scheduled in the buckets so that they can be moved to future dates at any day from a past date?

    Any help please?


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    Austin Keller

    I do not see your settings, and make sure you do not have any spaces in the subject/body



    • Adam

      This is the error, I found in the report.

    • Adam

      Please can someone clarify this?



      • Zsolt Tolgyesi

        Hi Adam,

        Sorry, but I don't have idea how to unschedule activity by message scenario. As I read Vi has success test with "action" and "unschedule_activity" combo.

        You can make any (allowed type) activity as non-scheduled, and that activity will not belongs to a specific day, can be executed anytime, but IMO isn't easily manageable from capacity side.


    • Austin Keller

      We may need more screenshots of your "settings". This action works for us. We set a delay to unschedule and added.

      Our blocking conditions check on creation, but our message is generated on sending.

    • Adam
    • Adam
    • Antero Makinen


      I want to ask a clarifying question: Does this now make your unscheduled activities go to scheduled OR does this make already started activities/scheduled activities go to unscheduled bucket?

      I would like to put scheduled activities back to technician's unscheduled activities, if they have forgotten to deactivate their day and thus reschedule activities to unscheduled. Can this be done via message scenario?

      Also, deactivating their routes automatically (for example at 23:00 each day) would be cool.