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    Prasad Deshpande
    Additional timelines in Sourcing
    Topic posted March 15, 2018 by Prasad DeshpandeBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged FAQ, How-To 
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    Additional timelines in Sourcing
    Additional timelines in Sourcing

    It seems the sourcing module timelines is limited to response beginning and end date so question is how to create additional timelines and for those additional timelines (ie. Questions and Answers deadline) to automatically send system-generated reminder notifications.



    • Poornima Bhilegaonkar

      Do requirements outlined in an RFQ have different deadlines? Why and in which business? Typically any RFx is open for response once the negotiation becomes active. Responses/Quotes/Bids are accepted until the close date is reached. We have not heard of this requirement to have additional timelines in a Sourcing event for answering questions. Can you provide more details with a business scenario?