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    How to delete attachment categories in Requisitions?
    Topic posted May 5, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited May 5, 2019, tagged How-To, Requisition Processing 
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    How to delete attachment categories in Requisitions?
    How to delete attachment categories in Requisitions?

    Customers / Support

    This article was written based on a forum post question about whether attachment categories in Requisitions can be deleted. The answer to that question is fairly simple: No. These are seeded categories. But my colleague did a bit more analysis and presented an alternative.

    Business Requirement:

    In this specific use case, the customer did not want the category 'To Supplier' to be available when using Fusion Self Service Procurement and wanted to delete that category. As stated earlier, this is not feasible.

    Alternative Approach:

    In order to describe the approach, here is a brief narrative on the feature and its components. The Attachments feature has two components:

    a) Attachment Entities

    b) Attachment Categories

    Attachment entities represent where the attachments are visible, for instance, Headers, Lines, Smart Forms and and so on. Attachment categories are different types of attachments that are associated with each entity. The combination determines where the attachments are created, attached and how they flow through the procurement process. We recently published an article about the flow that you can find here:

    The attachments configuration can be accessed using the Fusion Setup and Maintenance task: Manage Attachment Entities (See Attachment 1 below). You cannot delete a specific category, but you can delete the entity and recreate it to include the categories you require.

    Process to achieve requirement:

    1. In the configuration page, find the attachment entity that you want to make the changes for

    2. Delete the entry for the attachment entity

    3. Critical: Recreate the same entry using the exact same configuration as before

    4. Add each of the attachment categories that you wish to expose for Self Service Procurement

    Sounds simple enough. But remember the following additional implementation considerations:

    1. The entity recreation should be identical. You cannot choose to provide different entity names. The database resource and table names should be identical in order for the system to recognize and process the details

    2. You can only recreate the previously seeded attachment categories. You cannot add new ones.

    3. Ensure that the attachment category names are identical during recreation.

    4. Most important, make sure you remember that if you remove a category through this process, it is unavailable for all users of the application. There is not a concept of certain user roles alone not being able to access a specific attachment category.

    As always exercise caution when performing these tasks and try these in test environments and test the flows to ensure the desired results are achieved before moving the configuration changes to a production environment.

    Attachment 1: Screenshot of the Manage Attachment Entities configuration




    • Ramesh Bomma

      Thank you Ashok

    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Thanks Ashok!!

    • Balaji Pallela

      Hi Ashok,

      Attachment entity could not be deleted in 19C even with Application Implementation Consultant and Procurement Application Administrator.

      Is there any alternate for disabling the attachment category? Help is appreciated.


    • Ashok


      Can you confirm you reviewed the article and followed the steps there and in spite of that the result is that you cannot delete the attachment? If so, give us the screenshots of what you did as compared to the steps we provided. We can take a look.

    • Balaji Pallela

      Hi Ashok,

      yes. I have followed the article and still delete option is not available. Below are steps I have followed.

      Setup and Maintenance > Manage Attachment Entities and even after selecting the purchase requisition lines attachment entity, could not delete it. I have uploaded in above post. Help is appreciated.





    • Ashok

      Hi Balaji

      I will review this in the coming week. I had not seen this earlier for some reason. A support contact pointed me to this in the context of a forum post. We don't own this feature or page. We have to contact the concerned infrastructure entity. That is what I have requested Support to do as well.

      NOTE: I tested this in both the 19C environment and subsequent ones internally and noticed that the Delete action is indeed available. I have to assume the user that you are logging in as may not have the right privileges to access this action. You may wish to consult the Security guide to check what privileges are necessary to access this action. 

      Here is a link to get you started: Look for privileges around Manage Application Attachment Entity.

    • Ashok

      Although, I just tested it internally now and it seems to available for Delete. See screenshot below.