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    Ed van Kessel
    Blanket PO's and multiple supplier sites
    Topic posted September 24, 2019 by Ed van KesselRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Manage Procurement Catalog 
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    Blanket PO's and multiple supplier sites
    Can a BPO be defined that applies to all supplier sites within 1 business unit

    We have a requirement where a blanket agreement is wanted for a supplier, and that it applies to multiple supplier sites within the business unit.

    I know that you can enter a BPO without a supplier site in the header, and in the Controls tab, you can enter a purchasing site for each business unit.  But you cannot enter multiple purchasing sites for the same business unit.

    The BPO's are used in Self-service procurement, so this is a consideration also.

    Can this be done, or do you have to create a BPO for every supplier site.





    • Suman Guha


      Can you please follow up? 



    • Ashok

      Hi Ed

      Unless I am missing something you should be able to use the checkbox Allow ordering from unassigned sites. Attached is a snippet from our documentation and how and where it is used in the context of Self Service Procurement.

      Do let know if any questions.

    • Ed van Kessel


      Thanks for the quick response.

      So by allowing multiple sites, a user can pick the supplier site when creating a requisition from Enter requisition Line.

      But the intent of the BPO is facilitate shopping on the SSP store.  It sounds like this is not possible and therefore multiple Blanket agreements will be needed and users will have to pay attention to the supplier site associated with the item added to the cart.

      Am I understanding this correctly?


    • Ashok


      That is right but that is because  a regular requester is usually not expected to select supplier sites simply because the design assumes the requester's job is simply to request and not let the details of how it needs to be procured be a factor in the process.

      Of course, I get that the user you are referring to is an advanced user which is why the Enter Requisition Line page allows for such additional tasks.

      So, to your question on facilitating this in shopping, setting up agreements in those other sites might be the way to go. However, weigh that against using the Enter Requisition Line process, you must.