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    Mark Rinaldi
    What's New in 19.01?
    Topic posted January 2, 2019 by Mark RinaldiSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points, tagged PBCS 
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    What's New in 19.01?
    ...and on the 12th month, we rested!

    Welcome to 2019!  Given the winter holiday break and end-of-year quiet time, the January patch is traditionally a quiet release and 19.01 is no exception.  There are many new Aggregate Storage functions, which can be used in the Point of View of an Aggregate Storage custom calculation or allocation, in Calculation Manager.  Yup, the Calc Manager development team never sleeps.

    Look forward to exciting enhancements in upcoming releases.  2019, Safe Harbor, is shaping up to be a big year.



    • Peter Nitschke

      Hey Mark, 

      looks like those new ASO custom scripts actually dropped in Dec? (Unless we're just got an extra special Aussie Dec Release). 

      David Ambler started writing up some of them:



      ps: The calc manager team never sleeps!

    • Matt Treml

      Any luck that there might be an enhancement to dashboards to allow embedded code rather then just a URL?

      • Mark Rinaldi

        What kind of code would you like to embed?  Perhaps create a post on the Ideals Lab to get a community discussion going, come to some form of consensus, and all log an Enhancement Request for the agreed upon feature.