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    Steven Getze, CMA
    Cash Flow in FCCS
    Topic posted November 6, 2018 by Steven Getze, CMARed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Consolidation, Dimensions, Income Statement, Intercompany 
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    Cash Flow in FCCS

    I am working to build out our Cash Flow Statement within FCCS, using the existing Cash Flow hierarchy within the Movement dimension.  Today we produce this statement in Excel, but to satisfy future reporting initiatives we need to get this done within FCCS.

    I have successfully completed this, but only in local FX.   In USD_Reporting, the statement does not tie out and I am seeing differences on many lines  It seems that FCCS is converting certain lines at different rates vs. what we are doing today (which is compliant with US GAAP).   I don't see any way to manipulate the FX rate that FCCS uses, movement by movement.   I also need to understand the components of the "Total Effect from FX on Non-Cash Accounts" line as calculated by FCCS - when I drill down in Smart View the data doesn't add as I expect it to.

    Can anyone provide guidance?




    • Kimborey Lam

      Hi Steven,

      All the movements are translated at the average rate and closing balance at closing rate. You can write translation override rules where you could apply different rates for different movements.  

      • Dipen Shah


        Translation override functionality allows rates override with following options only:

        1. Average Rate

        2. Closing Rate

        3. Specific Value


        How to achieve translation of movements at rate different than average or closing and which is common across all entities based on the currency? If it's HFM, I would have achieved it via following rule:

        If HS.Account.UD1(CFSAcct) = "CFRate" Then
        HS.Trans "A#"&CFSAcct&"","","A#CF_Rate_YTD",""
        ElseIf HS.Account.UD1(CFSAcct) = "BSRate" Then
        HS.Trans "A#"&CFSAcct&"","","A#EOMRate",""
        End If
        How do we achieve this in FCCS?