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    John Klinke
    January 2019 Release Update for Oracle Cloud Platform
    Announcement posted February 1, 2019 by John KlinkeBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Analytics, API Management, ATP, Autonomous Data Warehouse, Big Data, Business Intelligence, CASB, Content and Experience, Data Integration, Data Visualization, Database, Developer, Essbase, Identity, Integration, Internet of Things, Java, Management, Mobile and Intelligent Bots, Process Automation, Visual Builder 
    January 2019 Release Update for Oracle Cloud Platform

    We are pleased to announce new updates and enhancements to our comprehensive portfolio of PaaS solutions. A summary of Oracle Cloud Platform release updates for January 2019 are listed below. See Oracle Cloud Platform Documentation for more details.


    Analytics Cloud

    Service Management

    • Deployments on OCI are renamed to “Oracle Analytics Cloud”, previously known as Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud
    • Now deployments on OCI Classic are named “Oracle Analytics Cloud – Classic”, previously known as Oracle Analytics Cloud
    • You can now create trial instances faster by setting up Oracle Analytics Cloud on OCI Classic with a single click. See link
    • While setting up Analytics Cloud, now you’ll be asked which identity domain you want to use, if more than one is available
    • Now you can migrate content easily between Oracle Analytics Cloud environments using snapshots
    • Additional menu options in Console make migration from Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 11g easier now
    • Enhancements were made to Snapshot. See Options When You Take a Snapshot and Options When You Restore a Snapshot
    • Data file migration utility now moves data files from one Oracle Analytics Cloud environment to another
    • Now you can set configuration options required for advanced use cases through Console. See Configure Advanced Options

    Data Visualization

    • Now you can easily create a connection to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. See link
    • You can now create connections to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing. See link


    • By selecting tuples, you can now focus your calculations in the active Smart View grid, limiting scope to specific data slices
    • Now you can specify the ancestor position for hierarchies in ad hoc grids in Smart View
    • New gallery templates are available in Files catalog. See Explore the Gallery Templates
    • You can create aggregation views to be generated automatically. See Create & Manage Cube Outlines with Web Interface
    • You can now select multiple cells or multiple ranges of cells, and see the merged results in drill through
    • In the Essbase web interface, you can now create a connection and datasource to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

    Pixel-Perfect Reporting

    • You can view an Essbase cube and filter data for reports with POV parameter in an MDX query
    • Now Snapshot includes pixel-perfect reporting. See Take Snapshots and Restore


    API Platform Cloud

    • New policy allows you to enable end-user identity to be passed over multiple hops before reaching destination web service
    • New policy allows enforcing verification of credentials sent within SOAP payload & allows authorized users to access APIs


    Autonomous Data Warehouse

    • Autonomous Data Warehouse now allows you to directly query and load data stored as parquet files in object stores


    Blockchain Platform

    • Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service has been renamed to Oracle Blockchain Platform


    CASB Cloud

    Oracle CASB Cloud Service

    • Integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has been enhanced
    • SAP SuccessFactors has new enhancements now
    • Microsoft Office 365 policy alerts can now trigger on sharing level
    • Enabling business object auditing is now largely automated for Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle HCM Cloud

    Oracle CASB Cloud Service — Discovery

    • Navigation menu Discovery option now accesses Oracle CASB Cloud Service - Discovery
    • 11 new key security indicators have been added to the original two ("Users with most apps" and "Top 10 most used apps")
    • Discovery key security indicators are now displayed on a separate Key Security Indicators tab on the new Discovery page
    • Now all key security indicators drill down to details in the discovered applications data


    Configuration and Compliance (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    • SCAP results can be uploaded from OpenSCAP and other SCAP engines directly to Configuration and Compliance
    • Now a complete, self-contained HTML report can be generated for any historic assessment


    Data Integration Platform Cloud

    • Architectural changes to Remote Agents require recreating agent to perform new Synchronize Data jobs using Initial Load
    • Microsoft SQL Server is now available for Windows Remote Agents
    • Data Integration Platform Cloud now supports additional data sources. See What's Certified for Agents?
    • Support has been added for remote execution of a Synchronize Data Task that includes Initial Load from behind a firewall
    • Now data can be delivered to Autonomous Data Warehouse targets
    • You can now create a Data Lake using the Data Lake Configuration Element
    • The ODI Execution task now supports Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud and Oracle Object Storage Connection types
    • Now supports Oracle Object Storage Classic as a source or target Connection type
    • You can now create Policies to schedule job executions
    • Catalog now lists Data Assets and Execution Environments after you create them


    Database Cloud Schema

    • Using TLS 1.2 protocol certain Outbound HTTPS network connections can be established from Schema Service


    Developer Cloud

    • Support for OCI Compute and OCI Object Storage was added
    • Design for the left navigation bar has been updated
    • New shared Organization Page and Project Home page are available now. See Manage the Organization
    • Now Project Home page provides an improved view of the project's actions, repositories, team members, and statistics
    • Banner with latest news from the DevCS team is now displayed in the page header of Organization and Project Home pages
    • Unpublished changes in Wiki pages are automatically saved as drafts now
    • Breadcrumbs have been enhanced to provide navigation to many child pages so you don't have to use the Navigation bar
    • You can use a named password in a project's build job configurations now
    • A newer version of Firefox is now available in the Software Catalog of Build VM templates
    • Approval-based merge request restrictions are available now. See Set Push and Merge Restrictions on a Branch



    New Common Features

    • The name “Oracle Integration Cloud” has been shortened to “Oracle Integration”
    • Our user-managed version is now called “Oracle Integration Classic”. These name changes have no impact on functionality

    New Processes Features


    Internet of Things Cloud


    IT Analytics (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    • Now the overview page provides an integrated view of monitoring, logs, & analytics on Exadata systems across enterprise


    Log Analytics (part of Oracle Management Cloud)

    • You can now upload your log files using On Demand Upload (ODU) wizard on the service console of Oracle Log Analytics


    Management Cloud

    • New Edit mode is available for dashboards & dashboard sets. See Create Custom Dashboards & Create Dashboard Sets
    • A hard limit has been introduced on the number of widgets in a dashboard and the number of tabs in a dashboard set
    • Enhancement has been made to the Widget Title Linking feature in dashboards to add custom link to a Widget title
    • New Save As option is added to customize an out-of-the-box widget or a widget created by another user from a dashboard


    SOA Cloud

    • You can now update the storage container for backups from the instance administration page
    • Users are recommended to use newer versions of Oracle SOA Suite as Oracle SOA Suite is being phased out soon


    See Oracle Cloud Platform Documentation for more details