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    Evelyn Neumayr
    New Sustainability-focused Supply Chain Digibook
    Announcement posted April 19, 2018 by Evelyn NeumayrGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Logistics, Manufacturing and Maintenance, Order Management, Procurement, Product Lifecycle Management, Public Sector, SCM, SCM Reporting and Analytics, Supply Chain Planning 
    New Sustainability-focused Supply Chain Digibook

    Oracle just released a new Sustainable Supply Chain Digibook that explores:

    • Seven key supply chain functions that are being leveraged to make organizations more sustainable including logistics, sourcing, and manufacturing
    • How you can identify and drive sustainability initiatives across your organization’s own supply chain
    • How Oracle’s modern suite of supply chain cloud solutions can support those sustainability initiatives while also delivering business value

    There is also a new self-assessment tool that you can use to answer a short series of questions in order to determine how sustainable your supply chain organization is compared to others. You are then provided with additional Oracle supply chain content that you can further explore based on the tool’s recommendations to improve the sustainability of your supply chain.