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    Mohamed Hossam
    CO controls hidden after grouping survey results
    Topic posted September 7, 2019 by Mohamed HossamSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited September 7, 2019 
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    CO controls hidden after grouping survey results
    CO and Survey

    I created a custom object which includes survey to be opened in a new tab not to be a part of tab and I linked a survey history report (that seeded to system after I mad some edits) but I foumd a duplicated results in the report so I out a check mark on (Group Results) which in the Ribbon Bar then I get what I need "unique results" but the problem here is that custom object controls are hidden now "Such as Add new / Open .." as shown below.
    What should I do to get unique results and simultaneosly use the custom object controls ?

    Also please note that is the relationship for my CO