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    Leslie Overland
    Oracle Applications Customer Connect Community Guidelines
    Announcement posted January 30, 2014 by Leslie OverlandBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Architecture, BI, Engagement Cloud, Financials, General, GRC, HCM, Other, Patch, PPM, Procurement, Release, SCM, Service, UX 
    Oracle Applications Customer Connect Community Guidelines

    The Community Guidelines will help you and all our members get the most out of Customer Connect.


    Oracle Applications Customer Connect is a community gathering place for collaboration that spans several solutions. Whether you are looking for the latest release information for Human Capital Management, upcoming events related to Enterprise Resource Planning, answers to use-case questions specific to Supply Chain Management, or executive messaging on Customer Experience, this Community is your one-stop-shop for sharing ideas, tips, questions and answers, best practices, and experiences.


    The Community Guidelines will help you understand what it means to be a member of the Customer Connect community. By using the Community, you also agree to the Oracle Applications Customer Connect Community Access Agreement.


    1. Remember the Golden Rule: The Community enables interaction among a global community, made up of users with all levels of expertise. By welcoming new members and showing respect to each other, we create an inviting environment that encourages participation and builds the Community’s value for everyone.


    2. Keep it professional. You are welcome to share your perspective on the relevant business topics, but mature, polite discussion is encouraged. Any abusive, derogatory, inappropriate, obscene, offensive, or violent content will be promptly removed.


    3. Respect the privacy of others. It is up to you, and only you, to decide what information to share about yourself and your business. Do not post another user's email or postal address, phone numbers, or other personal information.


    4. Search first. There is a lot of great information available, so search the Community first to see if your question has been answered or is being discussed – and then add your questions or insights.


    5. Make good and relevant contributions. Good contributions provide relevant, insightful information and ask important questions. If you found an answer to your question, you can give back to the Community by posting an update to your question. False, inaccurate, and misleading information, or unsolicited advertising, is not helpful. 


    6. Be concise. In general, shorter posts are more likely to be read. Use your words wisely and keep your messages concise.


    7. Stay on topic. Keep threads focused on the original conversation. Avoid diluting a discussion by posting a related question; post a new topic instead. 


    8. Be specific in your subject lines. Many people decide which discussion threads to read based on the subject line. Craft subject lines that give users a snap shot of your question. For example, briefly state your reporting problem instead of just asking for “Help with custom reporting?”


    9. Post to the most relevant forum, not multiple forums. Posting the same question across multiple forums creates disjointed conversations, clutters the community, and undermines the purpose of having topical discussion forums.


    10. Give praise when due. Everybody likes to know if their contributions were valuable. If another user helped you or shared worthwhile content, let them know by including a “thanks” in your response and/or rating a post or comment.


    11. Keep the Order. The Community exists for you. You can help make it a safe, positive, and valuable place by helping enforce these guidelines and reporting violations.


    This list is not exhaustive, but rather than looking for loopholes, we ask that you respect the intent behind these guidelines. In most cases, if you cross one of the lines above, we will give you a warning and address the offense. Subsequent violations will result in the termination of your account.