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    when using surface pro some editors are to small to read
    Topic posted January 30, 2019 by lbriggs Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    when using surface pro some editors are to small to read
    When working on surface pro some of the editors are to small to be able to read.

    Our office switched all of our laptops to surface pros now when I try make changes or additions I am finding that some of the popup editors are way to small to be able to read thus I cannot make the changes that I need to make.  Is there a way to increase the size of these editors so that I can be able to do the work that I need to do.  I have attached a screen shot of where I was trying to add a new rule to workspace.






    • JustRhianna

      To my knowledge you cannot easily change this. You can update your resolution or change the percent.


      1. Open Start , select Settings > System > Display.
      2. Under Scale and layout, check the setting under Change the size of text, apps, and other items. We suggest you use the percentage marked "(Recommended)."
    • Sristy Arya



      This can be done by changing the Screen resolution of your system.


    • lbriggs

      Thanks,  I have tried both of these suggestions.  They do change the size of screens and text in other screens within RightNow. However there is no change with popup editors like the one used for rules.  I was hoping other may have had this same issue with using surface pros and may have found a work around other then using a larger monitor or different computer.  I have no issue when I am in the office and have the surface pro docked to my large monitor.  Since I do not always work in the office I still need to be able to do my job as the system administrator and my only option is to use my surface pro.

    • Justin

      it sounds like a problem with the surfaces native display setting when its in tablet mode. I would start there. 

    • Kyle Snay

      We discovered this issue years ago back when the Surface Pro 3 was released. Oracle's response was that it's due to the display driver used by Microsoft which was ironic given that RightNow runs on .NET. There's a thread buried somewhere in here that I created and has a fix where you mess with the display settings, install a custom resolution, etc. but it's not consistent.

      IMO RightNow from the console side isn't designed to be scalable for the resolutions we're seeing in today's laptops. The only fix for this will be full parity with the browser user interface. I'm also a Salesforce admin for our organization and there's no comparison between RightNow and Salesforce from a UI experience. It makes RightNow look light years behind other platforms.