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    OPA Hub Login
    Topic posted March 2, 2018 by jmastria Green Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    OPA Hub Login

    Can someone point me in the direction to obtain my OPA Hub username/password?

    Please do not say systems administrator as the site has been neglected and people have come and gone and we are trying to bring it back to a usable site.





    • Pavol Procka

      Well, if you have no admin left who would remember, I guess the next best thing would be to contact Oracle support?

    • jmastria

      Ok, I could have posed the question in a more constructive way.

      So the OPA Hub is part of the Oracle Service Cloud but it has a different account then the account I use to login to the Oracle Service cloud....

      Is that correct?

      Thanks for your help




    • Jasmine Lee

      Yes, your OPA Hub login is a separate thing to your login for the Service Cloud Agent Desktop.

      However, in terms of logging a service request to have your Hub login reset, I think it's the same process as if you needed your Service Cloud Agent Desktop admin account reset.

      BTW, I saw your question earlier today, and I've been trying to confirm if my understanding above is correct. I haven't yet been able to confirm, but if you know how/where to log an SR for Service Cloud, then you could try that now.


    • Jasmine Lee

      I just did some more research and found this article: Resetting the system administrator password

      "Reset the password

      Your Oracle Service Cloud site has a system-defined administrator account, known as the System Administrator.

      By default, the System Administrator is granted the highest level of permissions available that includes all possible permissions. The System Administrator is the “administrator” login on Service sites and the “admin” login on OPA sites."

      Have a look at the instructions in that article and see if it helps! :)


    • Joseph Mastriano

      Ok, thanks Jasmine now I'm getting somewhere.  I followed the document and it looks like I can reset it where indicated for my opa interface and a message will be sent to the original sys. admin to reset it.  I'm guessing this is the same as the OPA hub so once sys. admin is changed and username/password I'm hoping I will be good with OPA hub.  Not sure who the email will go to so I tried to open a support ticket and come to find out I don't have access to submit a ticket and need to find out who the original contact manager is so they can submit a support ticket to Oracle Service Cloud Tech support (ughhh)!

      Thanks for the help




    • Jasmine Lee

      Hi Joe,

      Hmm. Yes, this sounds frustrating! :o

      Another thought... I think every Service Cloud and OPA Cloud customer is meant to have a Customer Support Manager (CSM) assigned. Among other things, the CSM should be able to help with stuff like this.

      Do you know who your CSM is? I'm guessing no? We may be able to help track down the relevant CSM if you can provide some info, e.g. Which country are you in? What's your industry (e.g. public sector, commercial, etc.)?

      If you happen to know the sales rep who originally sold OPA Cloud to your organization, you could also contact the sales rep. The rep should know who the CSM is, or should be able to find out.