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    Sunny Todkari
    Cloud R13: Supplier Performance Is Not Showing Any Data
    Topic posted January 31, 2018 by Sunny TodkariGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Supply & Distribution Planning Cloud 
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    Cloud R13: Supplier Performance Is Not Showing Any Data
    Cloud R13: Supplier Performance Is Not Showing Any Data



    We are not able to see 'Supplier Performance' dashboard.
    After checking with Oracle support we came to know that - Dashboard and reports were based on data warehousing BI product (OBIA).
    At this time, Oracle can only report on transactional data in the cloud. As a result, Oracle has removed the supplier performance dashboard and reports.

    Oracle does have some infolets that might help in this area such as the Overdue Schedules infolet or the Open Orders/Open Schedules infolets.

    Is anybody else is facing the same issue?
    Do you have any workaround for this?
    Are you using any other reports which can fulfill this requirement?



    • Manavalan Ethirajan


      Oracle Procurement Cloud is integrated with Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI). Although the BI name sounds like transactional business intelligence, some of the supplier subject area may also included which helps in supplier qualification, assessments, initiatives.There are bunch of supplier based real time subject areas are available currently. Please refer the attached screenshot where Supplier Qualification related subject area are highlighted in OTBI.

      Could you please provide your requirement on supplier performance. In other words, on what basis the supplier performance is evaluated in your organization. This will help us to provide further insights on OTBI Subject areas to know if fits your requirement.



      • Sunny Todkari


        See the attached document (Supplier Performance Dashboard.docx).

        Your screenshot talks about supplier qualification, we are looking for supplier performance.



    • Sunny Todkari
    • Manavalan Ethirajan

      Hi Sunny,

      Thanks for your clarification.I'm reaching out to OBIA team internally on this.

      Please stay tuned. I shall update the outcome shortly.