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    christian soutou
    XE 18 database connection (NLS trouble ?)Answered
    Topic posted July 27, 2019 by christian soutouGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Analysis 
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    XE 18 database connection (NLS trouble ?)
    Cannot create a database connection


    Filling the fields for creating a XE 18 database connection, an error occured.

    See the following log error


    [nQSError: 17001] Code d'erreur Oracle : 12705, message : ORA-12705: Cannot access NLS data files or invalid environment specified
     at OCI call OCISessionBegin.

    **********  Task: 1. Running for (mls): 187 **********
    Description: Execute Query
    Repository Name: ssi
    Catalog: Sample Targets Lite
    Tenant ID:
    Service Name:
    User: weblogic
    Session ID: 0x1830000
    Request ID: 0x1830003
    ProcedureID: 1000230
    Logical SQL:{call NQSExternalVerifyConnection('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><cm:dsConnMetadata xmlns:cm=""><cm:dsMetadata><cm:cliName>OCI 10g/11g</cm:cliName><cm:targetName>Oracle 11g</cm:targetName><cm:providerName>oracle</cm:providerName></cm:dsMetadata><cm:connectionParameters><cm:inputParameter><cm:paramName>retry-delay</cm:paramName></cm:inputParameter><cm:inputParameter><cm:paramName>retry-limit</cm:paramName></cm:inputParameter></cm:connectionParameters><cm:dsSignon><cm:dsn>soutou-HP:1521/XE</cm:dsn><cm:host>soutou-HP</cm:host><cm:port>1521</cm:port><cm:serviceName>XE</cm:serviceName><cm:userName>eod</cm:userName><cm:password>XXXXXX</cm:password><cm:driverClass></cm:driverClass><cm:sslType>NoSSL</cm:sslType></cm:dsSignon><cm:enablePooling>true</cm:enablePooling><cm:dsConnPoolParams><cm:maxConnections>100</cm:maxConnections><cm:timeOut>1200</cm:timeOut></cm:dsConnPoolParams></cm:dsConnMetadata>', '''weblogic''.''sboob1''')}

    An unresolved post seems to be similar

    Best regards

    Capture.JPG (169KB)

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    christian soutou

    Salutare Gianni

    Yes both DVD and XE18c same PC

    I reinstall the latest version of DVD and set you the logs (C:\Users\soutou\AppData\Local\Temp\DVDesktop\logs\OBIS\obis1-diagnostic.log) after attempt a connection



    • Gianni Ceresa

      Are you sure about the settings you entered?
      I believe 18c XE is installed by default as a pluggable database, and "XE" is the CDB, not the PDB (at least based on some default 18c XE installs I have around).

      The PDB is called "XEPDB1" by default (if not wrong), but you can anyway check that in your own database to make sure about the names of the CDB and PDB.

      • christian soutou

        Hi Gianni, Thanks

        I tried with XE CDB and XEPDB1 as PDB, the problem still exists

        I read Oracle MOS document relating to this error message "Error ORA-12705: Cannot access NLS data files or invalid environment specified", they advise to delete or rename NLS_LANG in Windows registry

        See the pdf joined, the sql+ test, the entry of tnsnames, the non presence of NLS_LANG and the error in the xml fragment quoting Oracle 11g ?



        • Gianni Ceresa

          Bonjour Christian,
          Just to be sure I get the whole picture: you are using Data Visualization Desktop and have Oracle 18c XE installed on Windows on the same PC/laptop (or another one in the same network which can be joined just by its host name).

          Just to give it a try on my side to see how it looks like, knowing that my 18c XE is linux based (in my mind Oracle products and Windows struggle to match :D )