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    Pavol Procka
    Historical reporting on average Age of Incidents in Q
    Topic posted August 13, 2018 by Pavol ProckaSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points 
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    Historical reporting on average Age of Incidents in Q


    I have a requirement to report on historical values for Average Age of Incidents in a Q and cannot wrap my mind around it.

    Has anyone done anything similar? I know how to report it for incidents currently in the Q, but how do I do it for e.g. last week/day - how old were the incidents in the Q on each day of last week ? I cannot simply add the date range to the current report as that will only show me the incidents that are still there.

    Many thanks





    • Carl Elliott

      Historical reporting is difficult in a real time system. You can go back to the inc performance table and look at interval type 13 queued to initial resolution and check to see if the initial date was before the date you are looking at and the resolution date is after and count those.   

      You might suggest reporting on some of those different interval types vs reporting the historical backlog on a specific date.  I am not sure there is a lot of value in that number. 

    • Pavol Procka

      Hi Carl, the purpose is to be able to compare a new organization of the work on the Q with the previous way :)
      I will give your suggestion a go when I find a bit time.

    • Pavol Procka



      looks like the Incident Performance is close to what I need, however I have detected some inconsistence I cannot explain yet. I compared the results with a report for Responses sent (based on the transactions table) and am missing some incidents that should be there. I will need to play around with it a bit more to see if I can get the correct results.

      Looking at the incidents, they seem to be normally responded to, so should have the performance table entries, but for some reason a few are evading it. 

      One of them was created, queued and responded (closed) within the period and it is not showing on the performance report...

    • Carl Elliott

      That is only updated once a night so make sure you are trying to report on something today.  

    • Pavol Procka

      Hi Carl,

      which one is updated only once a night? Anyway, should that not mean that it should give the same results if I am reporting on let's say last week? Since all the updates would have been done by now?

    • Carl Elliott

      the Inc_performance table is only update at night.  So yes if you are reporting on last week they should be the same.  With that said depending on the Inc_performance type you are reporting on there can be multiple records if incidents are re-queued multiples times.  So you would need to check for that.