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    Lakmal Somasiri
    How to create a PBCS dashboard?
    Topic posted March 22, 2019 by Lakmal SomasiriBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Financial Planning, Help Center, PBCS 
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    How to create a PBCS dashboard?

    We just started to implement PBCS. How to create a PBCS dashboard? I've seen in video tutorials that forms used to create dashboards. I'm struggling to create forms with meaningful data. 

    Is that the only way to create dashboards?

    Is there seeded subject areas to create forms like in ERP cloud?





    • Gary Crisci

      Hard to say what is meaningful data for you, perhaps bring a functional person in to help define.

      Start with something basic just have your periods on rows and scenarios on columns. Save the form then drag it onto a dashboard and experiment with the different chart types. Next open the form and change the periods from row to columns and move scenario to the row. Open your dashboard and see what impact it had. This will start to give you an idea of how the rows and columns get associated with chart axis.

      Another thing you can do is deploy the Sample application which has many forms and dashboards. You can look at them to revers engineer how to create your own.

      To deploy the sample app you can take a backup of your app, temporarily delete it then deploy a new app and select the Sample app. Study it, then you can delete sample and restore your app.


    • Arun Raj

      Like Gary said, you should also look at some of the standard dashboards that are available in EPBCS modules. That might give you some inspiration. If you have access to, that will help!!

      Check out the Oracle's YouTube channel and there are some videos on Dashboards.


    • Mark Rinaldi

      I agree with Gary and Arun's comments.  If you haven't done so already, you can refer to the PBCS Administrator's Guide for the Designing Dashboards section.  You've already seen the video(s) but it really is as simple as defining the Form to show the data you want, adding it to a Dashboard, and choosing the appropriate chart type to display the data in a meaningful way.

      Depending on how you design the Form, the dashboard can be "Drillable/Zoomable" as you expand down (or up) a hierarchy.  So, using member relationships to define your dimensions on the form will allow you to zoom in/out on a Dashboard.

      To Gary's point, what are you trying to show on the Dashboard?  It could be summary data or variance data or anything you choose.